Tracking Your Time

Keeping track of your time is important and here at Bluesky we wanted to make it as passive and easy as possible.

You track your time from your timesheet, to access your timesheet select Timesheets from the main navigation bar.

Your timesheet come in two different views, a weekly view and a daily view. The first item you will see in your timesheet is the week range or the day you are currently viewing. If you track your time as you go each day then using the daily timesheet will probably be best for you. If you prefer to fill up your timesheet at the end of the week all in one or you like to see a weekly summary of your hours logged, then the weekly view would be best. It’s easy to switch between the daily and weekly timesheet by clicking on the Switch Timesheet View Switch Timesheet View Button button. You can navigate around different days and weeks by using the Timesheet Navigation buttons shown below on the right.

In both daily and weekly view the top section of the page is where you’ll select a new task that you want to add to your timesheet. Choose the task from the task dropdown list and enter the hours you want to track into the hours box. Press the Log Time button to add the task into your timesheet.

Weekly Timesheet

In the weekly view your timesheet shows all the tasks currently added to your timesheet on the left and across the top it shows the days starting from Monday that make up the dates of the current timesheet week. Once a task has been added to your timesheet you can directly enter your hours into the input boxes for any of the days shown. If you would like to delete a task from your timesheet for the entire week, you can do so by clicking the remove button to the right of the timesheet task row. You can save your timesheet any time by clicking the Save button on the bottom right but don’t worry we save your timesheet automatically for you, just incase your forget.

Weekly Timesheet View

Daily Timesheet

Your daily timesheet gives you a breakdown of the hours you have spent on each task per day. If you have worked on the same task multiple times throughout the day, each individual entry will be shown in the daily timesheet view. You can easily edit or delete an entry from the action buttons shown to the right of the timesheet entry.

Daily Timesheet View

Wrap up!

Well that it! As you can see tracking your time with Bluesky is super simple and we are sure you will soon be on your way to a more efficient time tracking and working experience.

Whats next: Now you have logged some hours, lets get paid for them by learning how to Create Your First Invoice.

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