Invite Your Team

Bluesky is great for tracking your time and plays well with teams, inviting your co-workers is simple.

You can add members to your team from the Settings > User Management page and clicking the Create New User button.

Add new user

  1. Enter the users first name, surname and email.
  2. Every user has an user image. This image can be uploaded to Bluesky or you can choose to use Gravatar.
  3. Finally you can select what permissions this user has.
    • A normal user has limited access to the system, they can log time against existing their own tasks and view their own time report – they have no access to financial information.
    • A project administrator can view and update all projects as well as create new ones, however they do not have delete rights. They are also able to maintain the master account task list. They have limited access to financial information related to the projects. They cannot view or edit clients details.
    • An administrator is like the owner, they can access every part of the system excluding subscription and billing information.

Once you have entered all your co-workers information, click Create User. After the user has been created an email will be sent to them inviting them to join Bluesky.

Whats next: Tracking Your Time

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