Creating Your First Invoice

You’ve created a project, you’ve logged some hours in your timesheet, now it’s time to get paid for your hard work! Creating invoices in Bluesky is a breeze using Bluesky’s auto-invoice creation.

To create an invoice click Invoices from the top navigation bar and click the Create Invoice button. Every invoice you create is raised against a client, on the first screen you will be asked to select what client you want to create this invoice for. If you have not yet created your client you can create a new one now by pressing the Create New Client button. Once you have selected the client click Continue.

On the next screen you will be presented with options on how you want to generate your invoice.

Invoice Options

If you want to invoice for all uninvoiced billable hours from your timesheets you can leave the default options selected and click Continue.

You will now be taken to the Manage Invoice screen. The Manage Invoice screen allows you to edit your invoice in multiple ways. You can change the default invoice header and footer, add, remove or edit invoice line items, set the invoice currency, tax amount and due date.

With the default options selected Bluesky will look at all the time you have logged in your timesheet and automatically create an invoice line item with a quantity and a rate value amount. The rate for each task is set in the project settings.

Manage Invoice


Once you have enter all your invoice details save the invoice by clicking Save Invoice button.

Sending Your Invoice

You can send your invoice straight to your client directly from Bluesky. Open the invoice and click Invoice Actions menu located at the top right, from there select Send Invoice.

Send Invoice Menu

You will be taken to the Send Invoice screen where you can enter the subject and message you want to send to your client along with your invoice. Once you have entered subject and message, click Send Invoice.

Send Invoice Screen

Congratulations your invoice has now been sent to your client.

Wrap Up

You have come to the end of this Getting Started Guide, you should now be able to create clients and projects, track your time and send an invoice to your clients. There is a lot more Bluesky has to offer, we have just scratched the surface over the course of this guide. Feel free to keep reading through the help guides and FAQ to uncover more of what Bluesky has to offer.

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